Bi-Racial America

Living as a bi-racial male in America seems to be a dream.

The ideal situation our founders designed when they signed the Declaration of Independence. The mixture of skin color, the blend of races that creates the perfect human being to lead the new world.

Fascinating idea, isn’t it? Sadly this is not the reality. Bi-racial America is far from paradise.

Me personally I suffered from identity crisis for the longest. Here in this post, I will tell you how being bi-racial in America is for me.

Being bi-racial, for me being of black and white descent, you go through an identity crisis a lot.

Often times I wasn’t black enough for my brothers and sisters that were ( and still are) plagued with oppression

I surely wasn’t close to being white

So I spent a lot of time attempting to discover who I was and how I identified myself in this world.

The bi-racial experience was one filled with chaos and soul searching.

Being more ” fair skinned” also played a role in my experience, as I appeared more appeasing to white america. And I faced jealousy to my darker brothers and sisters. The systems I had to navigate between races felt like a tug of war. I struggled being able to decide where I belonged. Especially because I wasn’t granted with the same black experience as my contemporaries.

Having to code switch between the peoples I interacted with,

Being unsure as to where identify.

Understanding both experiences and struggles of both peoples.

These are some of the experiences as a bi-racial black and white man in America.

It is a dichotomy of two worlds that mesh together. These two worlds were thought of, but not accepted completely and it has been forced upon me without my own will to decide if I wanted it. However, it is a catalyst for a paradigm shift in a nation divided. Being the combination of two, or even more races I am one step closer to a human race devoid of racial discrimination.

How and when that occurs is not for me to determine on my own.

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