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Brandon Ingram blood clot

Brandon Ingram. What an interesting career so far. Drafted #2 overall to the Los Angelos Lakers in 2016 with expectations to be a star out the gates. Struggled his first season because his body wasn’t “NBA” ready. Tremendous talent. Great scoring ability and feel for the game. Was expected to be Lebron’s Co-Star but fell vehemently short of expectations and now people barely believe he’ll even be close to a star. Now out for the season with a blood clot in his Right shoulder. The specific condition is titled Deep venous Thrombosis or DVT for short. Is a condition where blood clots form usually in the legs. Ingram recently had been feeling pain in his right arm after the all-star break and was diagnosed shortly after.

What does this mean? Well if the blood clots linger they can travel to the heart and potentially kill Ingram. If not treated properly. The full details are explained in the second video above.

If not treated properly Ingram can potentially die on the basketball court if he is playing with the condition. This is a potential career ending injury.

What does this mean for the 21 year old that came out the gates of the all-star break looking like the potential co-star for LeBron James scoring over 27 a game for over 6 games?

It means the game he loves can be taken from him by way of a freak accident. An unfortunate twist to a promising career. Let’s not think negatively. However, we must prepare for the worst.

Life is unpredictable. And it can be taken in an instant. We are hit with road blocks that at times can be out of our control. May we pray for this young man and understand that nothing is promised at all in this world.

If you can relate to this young man send your prayers and understand that you have one life, so live it. As cliche as that sounds, it is the harsh reality we must all face.

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