The king has…Fallen?

The Los Angeles Lakers, the most storied and glorified team in Basketball has been in disarray lately due to a number of Dramas

The most important is the buzz surrounding LeBron James

The best player in the world

One of the greatest of all time

In his 16th season

Come to bring championships to LA

However recently he hasn’t been himself. And the media has pounced on him like a lion on unsuspecting Prey.

LeBron has been seen being distant on the bench and disassociating with teammates during games.

Walt Clyde Frazier has been on air downplaying his leadership skills in their recent game between the Lakers and the Knicks.

It seems as though so many people are pouncing on the moment. Many debate shows are attacking LeBron ” Lack of Leadership”

And his petty and passive aggressive behavior.

Oh the power of Outlets. Even saying this as I have an opinion in this post. However, one can see how fast people forget. And how faster they push agendas. We’re coming for this man’s lack of Leadership.

The same man that was influential in getting so many young athletes millions of dollars through advocacy in his role in the NBPA? ( National Basketball Players Association)

The same man who led a Cavalier’s team to a nba title after facing a 3-1 deficit against arguably the greatest team ever?

The same man that went to 8 straight NBA finals?

The same man who’ve we’ve seen time and again Lead teams through countless playoff victories

This man? Not a good leader

Because he expected greatness out of a young team?

And then there’s the Kobe fans who come for LeBron. We forget how vicious and demonstrative Kobe Bryant was to people’s faces. How he chose to not talk to as much Parker for a whole season.

Then there’s the narrative that LeBron isn’t all in LA. Many people believe his focuses isn’t on Basketball but more-so Hollywood.

Yes LeBron has many tv shows he’s in and is producing.yes he’s bring wine to the arena

However we’re talking about one of the greatest to ever do it.

He’s not fully committed to basketball?

The same man that when healthy had lead the Lakers to A 4th seed in the western conference?

Oh how we have so easily forgotten…

Media is quick to judge, to take away accolades and defame the man that puts the most commitment we’ve ever seen into Basketball. It’s a reflection of society today in my own opinion.

People will quickly look past what you’ve accomplished for the moment. And degrade you without hesitation.

Let’s not discredit the fact that yes, LeBron does need to step up his leadership skills and be more charismatic to his teammates. However none of this takes away the leader this man has been over the course of his 16 year career.

It doesn’t take away from his dedication to the game. To still be considered one of the best players in the world in his 16th season is miraculous and a feat not too many people have come close to.

We must remember this. As much as the Lakers have garnered negative media attention with their injury riddled and drama filled season. We must remember who we’re talking about.

This is LeBron James. And we best to be careful to deface his name.

As stated before. This is to show how quickly people will turn on you. How the ones that moved praised you will turn around and destroy your name when you fall. The media is vicious. They will ride a bandwagon fast. And this is the perfect example of it

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