Two fronts

The oppressed are subjected to a struggle that denies them permission to assist anyone but themselves
So we struggle to assist our neighbor because we are dealing with the prisms we are in attempting to dig ourselves out of a hole
Like Crabs in a bucket.
We bring each other down in order to survive the chaos we’ve been subjugated to

We are the victims of a two front war.
A losing battle I may want to add
One side we fight our oppressors
And on the other we fight ourselves
Question is,
Which is the worse of the two hells?

See the problem is that we continue to blame ourselves for the problem that we did not create
Over and over we lose sight of what’s really important
However how can we survive in a world that wasn’t designed for us?
How can we invest in a land that’s soil is soiled with the blood of our predecessors
Fighting for our freedoms?
How can we eat from the nutrients of their tainted blood
By tainted blood I mean spilled by countless beatings and shootings and assassinations

How can we make any foundation in the very nation that destroys and attempt at ascension of our people?
No matter where you look the hope for the black people seems to dwindle like a candle fading in the cold of night.

And we don’t make it better by destroying our own property value
Gang violence
Yes we have a problem embracing the trivial subjects that cause people to give us glaring eyes
We are in a world where we are and aren’t the arbiters of our own demise

No matter how we look at it we are targets by two kind, our oppressor and our selves
And the worst part is we cannot tell which evil is worse
The man we can’t see who invisibly infiltrates our communities and uprooted our unity and destroyed every thought of peace

Or our brothers and sisters that succumbed to the mental slavery and continue to pull us down in the bucket
The horrid reality we live in,
The oppressed will continue to struggle with pain and failure because we are so deeply invested in this black hole that we cannot pull the next one up.
The fear of falling is too deep

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