An eerie fire burns in your soul as I peer into your eyes, it’s wild, yet exciting,
Filled with life, just flagrant and alive,
Your beauty is hard to deny, soft skin that melts in my hand like rich Godiva as a caress it.
I’ve never seen something so raw, and full of fire, so powerful and scary at the same time. Brilliant and brave,
Beautiful and untamed,
Never would I look to claim the life you bring, no, I’d rather fan the flames that allow you to set ablaze the world around you and if you do shall heat my life I will enjoy the brief warmth I feel.
You are beautiful life a wild fire,
Inspirational as the fresh breeze of tree leaves in the brand new spring
And I?
I may not be the spark that lights up your life, however I am that flame that keeps you warm at night, let you feel comfort in my warmth so that you may rejuvenate and seek out light to shine bright
Like a gem you reflect light on the rest of the world with your grand smile
Live, and let life take its course

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