What are we fighting for?

What are we fighting for?
What war are we combatting
Is it within ourselves?
Or for the ones behind us?
Or for every individual we see that has succumbed to the evils of poverty and capitalism
What are we fighting for
For the pain inside of us
The countless days of hopeless prayer that god will strike our true enemy down before us
That the shackles of systemic slavery will release and knowledge and true freedom will flood our minds like water breaking a damn
For an America where my brothers can walk into a store and not be accused of stealing
For an America free of gun violence
For a caste system dematerialized into equal
Opportunity for all
What the fuck am I fighting for
I’m begging you to give me an answer
Because I keep seeing these small battles being fought with no end in sight
And I watch my leaders one by one lose their lives
Over and over again I lose hope
Like this shit is some sadistic joke that is confused in my head attempting to discover the meaning of life like why? Why?
What the fuck am I fighting for?
A few dollars a car? A house? Some kids?
Just to pay bills and taxes to a place to claim I’m free? To work everyday till my body withers and I cannot get up?
Damn, why must life have such a terrible reality like this?

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