My future

If I could gaze into the future, would I like what I see?
Would my aesthetics and internal being please me?
Would the world around me be the life I seek?
Internally asking questions in the moment
Wondering about
the man I’ll be

Will I have created the life I wished for?
Would I have become happy?
Will I be moving forward and have the luxuries I sought out for?

If I glance into my future,

Will I have overcome the trials and obstacles I faced then and now?

Will I have succumbed to my anxiety?
Will depression take it’s toll and drown me in the waterfall of sorrow
Until I crash in the lake of my own blood
Forever drowning into the depths of my mind
Will I continue to fall through the toxic cycles
I’m trapped in now
Will I still be running from the ghosts of my past?

Or will I have entered the light and rested in the ocean of my life.
Sailing the course to new lands and charting the ideal life I seek?
Will I have landed in a spot and cultivated the world I need?
Will I plant the seeds of growth and create a garden of care and love?
Will I touch souls and set aside goals and accomplish them?
If I were to glance into my future

Who will I be?

Will I be all I can be?
Or achieve beyond that
Only time will tell,
Oh I’m so ready to see

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