What will the future say?

What will history say about us?
What will we inscribe in the minds of those that arent blind to our sagas?
What will we leave?
What do we bring that will bleed into the soil of the world and bloom into the flowers that pollinate the generations afterward

When they open up the textbooks, what will they see?
What will we leave?
What would we have achieved?

When it’s all said and done
And we hang it up
And we say enough
When it’s over
What will we have created?
Will we be satisfied?
Will we have made it?

What will we design for the future in the moments we have now?
Did our past shapes this?
Can our future taint this?
How can we change what we are now?

We determine our lives with the choices we make
We are the conductors of our trains as we navigate through the railways of time,
What will the mileage on your trains say about you?
How far will you go? To what place? In what direction?
Where will you go?

How will you control the time you have? What will tomorrow become for you?

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