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This is an opinion based post. If you oppose I am willing to debate with you respectfully in the comments. No vulgarity please and thank you

D’Angelo Russell is a professional athlete that plays point guard for the Brooklyn NETS. He is fresh off a successful season where he averaged 21.1 points and 7.8 assists per game. This awarded him an all star appearance. He also led his team to a first round appearance in the NBA playoffs.  This is all massive for a player 23 years old, who was just two years ago deemed too immature and incapable of leading a team according to Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson. This is the same young man that essentially ” snitched” on his teammate Nick Young and caused his then fiance Iggy Azalea to break up with him.

After a fresh start Russell is seemingly turning his career around. He appears to be part of the new influx of young talent set to take over the league.

However he is still young, and his actions prove this to be true.  A few days ago Russell was caught at LaGuardia Airport with some Marijuana inside of a container disguised as an Arizona Iced Tea bottle. He was detained by authorities at the airport and not much has been said since. According to USA today, he is to be summoned in court and potentially pay a fine of $100 or more. Below is the attachment for further details.

The NBA protocol will force Russell to go through a marijuana training, for the league has yet to lift the ban on  the substance and potentially wont in the near future. Even if the substance is legal in just about the entirety of the United States.

Russell has been given criticism from a lot of sports channels. However one in particular, or shall we say on individual is giving him a lot of criticism. This man is Stephen A Smith. Below is a video including Stephen A Smith addressing the situation. “Stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeed!” Is his initial comment. The man brings up some interesting points about weed and its purposes. He doesn’t support it for recreational purposes or in a business setting.  He even made a good argument  about professional athletes coming to work high. However, Russell is in his off season. He wasn’t playing the game at all. He was on his way to his home in Louisville Kentucky.

Granted, it wasn’t the brightest decision to take weed in a can on the plane. there are other means to transport your substances.  Plus, Russell’s platform doesn’t give him the best defense. It was a reckless decision.

Smith hinted on the idea that Marijuana is a gateway drug to other substance use.

I am not expert. However I dont believe this to be true. I know many weed smokers, None of them use weed as a gateway to other substances. Potentially a drink or two but nothing further than that. Plus, there’s no true study to my knowledge that proves that weed is a gateway drug. I dont have that knowledge, look further into research for that answer. There are plenty of studies for that subject. This comment Smith made is potentially based off the propaganda that media made to keep kids from using the substance. This is a bad claim on Smith’s part. That coming from an old school mindset that is dated. This isn’t fair to the modern day athlete.

It is fair to not want it during the game. However marijuana is now becoming more accessible and utilized for recreation a lot more. And Stephen A Smith needs to get with the times and stop appeasing to his white masters who pay him. That’s another story for another day.

As for Russell, he will be fine. I am in support of the brother and hopeful for his future in NBA stardom. However, he has to grow up and be smarter with his decision making because this wasn’t the best decision.  Especially for a young black man in America. But all press is good press I guess.

Lastly, you don’t need to stay off the weed. Not in my opinion. However that’s for you to decide.


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