This is our nation…

There it was ,

blood all over the floor

The dead body sprawled on the cold concrete the loud sound of the sirens silencing the cries of a mother watching her child lifeless as the detectives hold her back

It’s a sad day for this great nation

Another lynching has occurred on the cold streets of an inner city America

Except there’s no noose

No there’s six shots to the chest

8 more hit a car while the youth stared down his oppressor in clad blue

he saw the white robe and the hate as his killer aimed his weapon down on the helpless child.

We are in a war zone

Fighting a battles we cannot win

In the distance, the loud cheers of the protesters grow larger as the police militarize to repel the non threats

Today is a sad day, we lost another young soul

We watch the cold fear in his eyes leave his body as his heart failed

And the The officer prevails.

He wisps away on active leave while a mother mourns

A society sees, but no one moves a peep,

Just like the days when they hung us up like cutting off wool from a sheep

Just as they danced and ate

Pic a nigga


Isn’t that insane?

They used to hang us for crimes we did not commit

No justice

No peace

Now the blow us away

Then and now mothers lose sleep

This is our nation

Land of the free home of the brave

The moral s they say don’t apply to those in black and brown

It didn’t then and it doesn’t now

The men in women in blue wear badges similar to the cowboys that rounded up those in chains

How to you protect and serve those your were meant to enslave?

How to you promote peace to those you were supposed to dictate?

They dragged Emmitt till like her was a deer caught in the hunt

Just like how they broke Freddie Gray’s neck in the patty wagon

Mike brown was a child and Darren Wilson gunned him down like a wild lion,

This is our nation, another black boy slain,

Another mother in pain

Another protest another child gone in vain

Because instead of laying the law on these murderers for these helpless young boys and girls

They dismiss the officer on paid leave and leave the community to grieve

How can we achieve peace when every time you slay our children you peace

No justice

There is no peace

This is our nation

The reality we live in

Open your eyes

These are American people losing their lives

These are our children

Don’t you remember Tamar Rice?

The 12 year old who lost his life?

No hesitation

No addressing the situation

Two shots in the cold winter in Cleveland and there goes another life

This is our nation

Oh what a state we’re living in

This system is designed to constrict and destroy the very men and women that build it

We were dragged here against our will and forced to work for nothing,

And when we were given our freedom we were criminalized for nothing

It’s been a long, a long time coming,

And I have no hope a change is going to come

I’m afraid of death, but anything is better than this hell, anything is better than being doomed to the barrel of a gun, or a jail cell

Anything is better than being subjugated to beating and being hosed

Being profiled

Anything is better than watching a mother cry

Watching a people lose their moral

Anything is better than this, I’m desperate for a change

And as we march and our youths traverse through the systems to become the catalysts for change we still face the same travesties as we did

50 years ago

100 years ago

It’s like we mirrored him crow

It’s as if slavery only transitioned into mass


This is our nation

This is the hate we’re given

In all this hate we have to endure so much pain and watch our people get slain

To day is a sad day

Because a mother lost her child

A community mourned

And an officer walked away with a smile

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