A couple Mother’s Day poems

Who would I be without you?
You are my sun
And you burn bright to shine light on the paths I take on my journey to become a queen just like you
You radiate beauty
Grace and love from all 4 corners of the world and you focus it all on me,
This is a thank you to you
Your strength is the pillar which I stand on
And with out you, I would not know what to do

Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful women I know
Your kindness is infectious
I cannot aspire to be as brave and smart as you are
But everyday I model my life to hold the world like you
The laughs you give me give my soul joy
And when you smile at me I feel the love radiating from the bottom of your heart
There is nothing you can’t accomplish and without you I wouldn’t know what to
No fear in your heart
And with you in my life, I know I will always be alright
With you in my life, I know I can conquer everything in sight

What is love?
Love is what you give me,
Love is the long nights of me crying and you comforting me through my storms
As I continue to battle through these fights love is the blanket you leave on my back to keep me warm
Love is you holding me through my ups and downs
Love is you letting me fall and picking me up and fixing my crown
Love is me watching you hold the world up on your shoulder while I stumble and fall to my dreams
Love is you, the stars glistening on a warm summers night

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