This is life’s great delight,
Everyday seeing you smile,
Watching your honey suckle skin reflect against the vibrant sun
Seeing you flourish like the goddess you are
In all your unchained glory
Body covered in Shea butter,
The sweet smell of roses Emirates from your pores
Beauty personified,
Your prescience is pure down to your core
All this is the expression of your blackness
Unapologetic, and glistening

But what gets me to radiate,
Is being the reason you smile,
Being your back bone
Being the one you call when it all falls apart
What gets me to feel good,
Is assisting your growth, watching you mold into the woman you see fit

But it’s not about me, it’s about you
And how I fit into your vast, growing world
How I can become a piece of your puzzle
As you define yourself in this enigma of life

What will you make of life?
What will you create today? Or tonight?
All these questions you answer In time
And all I do is watch, not as a guiding light,
But as a shining sprite. Looking to see what you emanate today

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