Wave riders

Like the ocean, every wave comes and goes
Some get on it, and get washed back to shore, running back to the next big one
The little ones they jump over, they can’t carry them to their thrills
It’s the big ones they want to ride, even though they rarely come and in an instant they go
Even though none of them can ride them for too long before getting wiped out.
They still bring their surf boards and attempt to claim that wave,
They chase the rush
They don’t last
They go no further than that little piece of sea they claim to own
Wave riders that’s all they know
Me? I boat a boat
Went sailing the great ocean
Fuck following a wave
I want to be the wave
I want to swim forever not seek a few rides for a limited time
I want to create waves not ride them,
Sail past them for bigger pastures
Fuck a wave I want to be the ocean
I want to be the wave they ride,
The model for them to strive
Be ahead of the curve,
Not chase temporary thrills in the fallacies they declare as life

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