NBA Finals Preview

      This is it the Pinnacle, the ultimate stage here the greatest of Champions are made. Here, history is made. This is the arena where the greatest show who they are. Who do we have this year? A dynasty in the making, two brothers of the splash who have changed the dynamic of the league over the past five years. With them are unicorn the Durantula, a man so great that we can’t even put them in a category with the rest of them.  And also a man on Redemption a man who’s been seen as a problem everywhere he goes.He’s aiming to get back from a grueling injury last season. Team with championship pedigree, a team proven, a Team so great that, that teams have legitimately tanked in order to await their downfall to begin their process to get back to being champions. Who are they up against you say? a robot, a monster, a being so bionic looking on his own Redemption tour.  A player who was thought to be a locker room cancer last year, one who legitimately exposed the darkest parts of a organization that we thought to be so first class and excellent. A player we wrote off last year because we haven’t seen them in a year. However, now he’s back with a vengeance. And he’s been getting his Vengeance everywhere he’s gone. Round after round destroying the hopes of so many. This is his resume so far. He’s taking down the young spry Sixers with two Titans that  that will be decimating the lead for the next five to six potentially even 10 years, so long as they stay together. Another young unicorn with so much potential and so much room to grow who took the league by storm when he first came in and has since then looked like the next up to be the true model of greatness in this league. This is the stage we’re about to see, this is the colossal battle between two Titans. The last time these two clashed the young robot was decimating this team before he got injured unfortunately. Now we get to see these two teams clash at the Pinnacle of greatness. At the moment at the top, this here, is the NBA finals


Kawhi Leonard is coming back from a quad injury that kept him out for most of the season last year. He had a troubled season in which he and the San Antonio Spurs clashes and he asked for a trade. Khawi Is now on the Raptors and he’s leading a team that was thought to be too scared to even reach past the second round to the NBA finals. He’s playing against the Golden State Warriors, the splash Bros. You know, that team that has destroyed the league for The Last 5 Years yeah that team. The team has Kevin Durant the arguably greatest player in the world right now. In my opinion he’s not, LeBron James is but LeBron is in the playoffs right now  and people are forgetting that. Right now these two are battling for the title of best player in the world at the moment. But I believe that’ll change next season because LeBron will be back. However, this isn’t about LeBron right now. This is about two teams battling for the Ultimate Prize, the Larry O’Brien trophy. Starting tomorrow we will see two teams that have been great all season duke it out for one prize, for a place in history the 2019 NBA Finals.This will be a great one I can tell you that much. I see this series going to tell six to seven games.Why is that you ask? Well let’s start with the Warriors, the team has been to the finals five straight times  as I’ve said previously. The team on the verge of a dynasty hungry to prove that they can win without Kevin Durant. Even though Kevin Durant is on the team right now he’s injured but the rhetoric around town is that the Warriors can’t win without him. That they need him. That’s why they went out and signed them in the summer of 2016. However there’s also the idea going around that there’s no gratification for Kevin Durant if the Warriors win without him. So most would say that there’s turmoil within the organization. One team attempted to show that they can win without their greatest player, one player trying to get back onto the court to show people that they need him and potentially hoping that this team loses without him so he can be a  more validated with the world. However this is not the case Kevin Durant been interviews with reporters, being about the team and hoping the best for his teammates. And the team has been height without Durant, because they get the opportunity to showcase who they are. However they know they can’t replace 40 minutes of greatness, 35 points a game. So they wish for Kevin to come back as fast as possible, they know that Kevin Durant is a luxury. They know that with him there’s almost a guarantee that they’re winning. But they know that they are hell of a team without him. This is not unusual oh, this is a humble team. This is a team that is looking for everyone to get a piece of the pie. Strength in numbers is their slogan. Last year in the NBA Finals you saw Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant both passing the ball back and forth between each other, both wishing for each other to win the finals MVP. This is a team looking for championships not individual records. You can see that with the interview with Klay Thompson on The Jump when asked about not getting the third and all NBA team.  he was chasing Ray Allen and Reggie Miller for they had their own all NBA records , however he said an NBA championship is much better.  The Warriors are chasing greatness, they’re chasing a third championship in three years, fourth and five. They don’t care about the individual accolades along the way. Although I do believe Kevin Durant is conscious and caring about his own image and how people perceive him as a great player. As of right now though he’s looking to win his third straight Championship. Not worried about everything else in the summer of 2019 this summer when he’s a free agent and can look elsewhere play. That’s another story for another day I’ll share that with you another time. My opinion of Kevin Durant. On other side, we’re looking to the team that struggle to get past LeBron James for the past 3 to 4 years. A team that was often thought to be afraid of this man. A team usually won more games to him and had a  better defense and offense than him, Decimated by this man every single year. Scared of his greatness, and it was shown every single year for two of the past three years he defeated them in four straight games. Now that he’s gone and they have a player that was known to be able to slow him down, they have a new belief in themselves. Although it’s been shown that they shrunk in the biggest moments, their best player has carried them through those. He’s galvanized them as I’ve said before, push them past their limits and they follow him to this moment now. To an opportunity at winning a championship. And I believe he can lead them through that.


Both teams have outstanding defenses and both teams have great offenses. This will be a test of Wills, what team can get the loose 50/50 balls. What team can execute the the best, what team will make the shots when they need to be made. This will be what this final series is about. The series will go six or even seven games because of this.


Yes, there’s only one Superstar on the Raptors and yes the Warriors are missing two superstars. And those Superstars may come back in this series. But they also may not. And the Warriors don’t have much of a bench. The Raptors do have a great bench. So this will be a battle of who’s  well as stronger. I look at this as Space Jam, Kawhi Leonard is Michael Jordan with the Looney Tunes. Disclaimer I am not comparing Michael Jordan and Kawhi Leonard together I know that rhetoric is out there, I’m simply making a comparison of what Michael Jordan faced when he was playing in Space Jam. The Warriors are the Monstars, they had a starting lineup with five All-Stars at one point in time in their prime this year. This has never been done before. And people are salivating at this opportunity to see how how great they can become. However Khawi is lone star that people left forgotten. They’re legitimate players that are afraid of this man because how tenacious he is on defense. And he’s had his own validation from coming back from the Quad injury and having his name defaced all year.


So we know what the stakes are, we know the situation, we know the calls, we know the plays, we know all the players. With all this being said my prediction is Raptors and 7, I know what I said this will go six or seven games, but I do believe the Raptors can pull this out this year. The Warriors have been to the championship five years Straight fatigue plays into this, also they’re missing two of their best players. And I know the Warriors are a great team and they proven that  all playoffs.The reason why I picked the Raptors it’s because of this, and also because if these players that are with Khawi I can even just give decent games I believe Kawhi Leonard could pull them over the top even against the monstars. The juggernaut of the NBA at this moment in time. Please let me know your finals predictions and thank you for reading I love to discuss in the comment section.

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