We all fail at something.  

At some point, we feel as if we have the answers to something, we feel as if we know what we’re doing. And it comes out that we know nothing of what we’re doing and we fall flat on our faces. The best of us acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them, and do better than next time. this is important oh, this is growth.


Knowing that we don’t have the answer every time.

It is important to fall.

To understand that we aren’t complete beings at any point in time and we can always make mistakes and alter in our quests for whatever we’re chasing. In this, understand that even if we do acknowledge the fact that we made a mistake we can always fail again. We could have acknowledged that we weren’t ready. This is actually harder than we thought it would be.


We have moments where we believe our mentors have outlived their usefulness for us. Feeling we have outgrown everything we’ve learned from them, and attempt to set out on our own journeys to become something better than what we were with them.

However, we may Rush our own processes believing that we are prepared for the world that we set out to conquer.


It’s okay.


It is okay for us to feel like this, this is human nature. We were born to be great, to be all we can be and fight for what we believe in. At times we may attempt to spread our wings and fly. Yet that also doesn’t stop us from falling flat on our faces because our wings are too premature. Or we set out in the Storm rather than a clear day.


These are the ebbs and flows of life, the beauty of us in our existences. What we so choose to become can be a premature event that we end up understanding everything that was said to us when it’s too late. This is fine, its life, its growth. It is what we do next that defines us and this is the most important part.


It is about what we learn


It is about what we apply with what we learn to ourselves


It is can we make the necessary changes in life to do better.


We don’t always produce fruit the first time we learn our lesson.

We don’t always fly the first time we jump.


However, when we get back up, and try again with a different mentality and resolve we prove that we have grown and validated within ourselves that we’ve evolved.


This is the power of humans. To fail, and fail, to learn, to grow, and to produce the proper results.


Growth is important. It is the essence that teaches us how to become our true selves.

Without growth, our stories would lack excitement. This is because our journeys would be bland and not conclusive. That there leaves a cliffhanger nobody wants to see. Growth is paramount to our lives.

And when we grow everything grows with us.

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