Two souls

When one life touches another something new is born
When two souls match they set off a sonic cloud that clears a room
It erupts like a volcano and erases the old life that was
Giving room for new forests and trees to go
When two souls match they make a Big Bang
It’s a start of something new
A spark that always electrifies
A fire that never goes out
Two souls that match will open the gateway to the stairway of heaven and make meadows bloom
Recreate life wherever they go
The force of nature not one can control and no one can fathom.
When two souls touch they combine and feed off each other to give new life.
Balancing their worlds and keeping track so that one doesn’t fall to far from the other
So that one doesn’t go too far out of reach.
These two souls speak even when the other can’t be heard
Every syllable, every verse
Radiating into the others ear and blessing the life the gave.
Two souls, two pieces of one whole.

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