Where in the world will Anthony go?

Anthony Davis, power forward and center for the New Orleans Pelicans had requested a trade 10 days before the trade deadline in February. He said he was done with the team, he was tired of losing and wanted a change of scenery. This spurned a saga of drama, deceit, mingling, tampering and the list goes on and on between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans. This is mainly due to the fact that Anthony Davis’ Agent Rich Paul of Klutch sports who is also known to be LeBron James’ agent was said to allegedly be attempting to swindle a trade in order to get Davis on to the Lakers. This led to Lakers drama in which the young players of the Lakers were being shipped off to New Orleans. However, there were GM’s around the league telling the Pelicans GM to not trade Anthony Davis. There was a lot of different types of scrutiny in the drama going on with the teams. This led to Dell Demps losing his job and eventually led to Magic Johnson stepping down from the Los Angeles Lakers (amongst other issues internally).


The real trouble now lies in the question of what will the Pelicans do with Anthony Davis, but recently the New Orleans Pelicans acquired the number one overall pick in the draft lottery which is said to become Zion Williamson, the next Phenom the NBA has yet to see. The new vice president of basketball operations David Griffin, previously general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers is attempting to keep Anthony Davis team up with Zion Williamson. This will make a dynamic duo of high-flying action in spectacular box office openings.


Davis wants no part of this. He wants to move on, playing for the Pelicans for seven years he’s made the playoffs two times and only made it out the second round once. He wants to play to win he doesn’t want to wait for a young player to develop into something spectacular potentially. It’s time for him to move on and play for a winner or play with veterans in which he feels he can actually acquire some type of appraisal in notoriety for his talents. 


Anthony Davis is a once-in-a-generation type of talent, and at 25 he feels he deserves to be in a place where you can win and when multiple times. He doesn’t feel like New Orleans to do that for him anymore. That’s why he decided to sign with Rich Paul in the summertime I believe.  New York, Los Angeles, are potential places he would like to live in what he feels as if he can Market himself the best in those places. And also win. It’s like attempting a relationship for a long period of time, realizing it wasn’t what you wanted and attempting to work it out, just to come to the conclusion that it isn’t working.


However, at this moment, Anthony Davis’s destiny is not in his own hands. He will not be a free agent until the summer of 2020, so for right now he’s still on the contract. Which means whatever team he gets traded to if isn’t winning or keeping him happy will be renting him for one season. This could prove to change the entire team if he chooses to leave the next summer but they would have to give up most of their Assets in order to acquire him. So this puts the Pelicans in a peculiar situation and Davis and even more peculiar situation.


So where will Anthony Davis go? only time is going to tell at this moment. He can land in New York, he could be in LA he could be with any other of the 27 teams in the NBA. Or he can stay with the Pelicans can choose to leave in summer 2020. But right now he’s adamant about leaving and I don’t believe there’s anything stopping him from wanting to go anymore. It’s time for something new and for the Pelicans to get rid of him before his value diminishes. I say trade him this Summer and get as many pieces as you potentially can. Get as much value as you can at the moment while you have the opportunity while you have the Leverage. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck having to trade in for a b-level peace and some draft picks that you don’t want rather than some potential stars or a superstar right now.


It’s unfortunate the situation Davis has the Pelicans in a Stranglehold in the Pelicans actually have the keys to where he can go. Both sides won’t budge until somebody has to make a move immediately, otherwise, the Pelicans will be in a bad situation. This is the modern-day NBA players control their movement and where they want to go.


This player empowerment stems from Lebron James, who routinely runs his own operation to best fit his career. Nowadays, NBA players change teams frequently, especially superstar, team changing stars. It changes the dynamic of the NBA every three or so years. Especially with this year’s free agency and the potential mobility of Anthony Davis, the NBA is about to look much different next season. This is exciting, for several reasons, and a lot of it has to do with where the New Orleans Pelicans will trade Anthony Davis this summer.


My prediction will be that he’ll be traded to the Lakers or the Knicks, those two teams look most equipped to acquire him.

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