I remember the confliction
I remember those long and cold days
The days where I would have massive headaches

Those days where I would sulk from sunrise, to sunset.
I remember the massive amounts of unhealthy food.
Those periods where the couch seemed like a part of me. Where I would want to be with someone,
But the social battery I had was on empty
It needed replacement
But I couldn’t even get up to get a new one
I remember the long nights of racing minds into the dark confides of the abyss trying to find a cure for this black hole I call depression
I watch it swallow me endlessly in a loop and when I reach out for happiness it calls me drags me back
I know the draining feeling of losing control,
Attempting to hold onto anything that energizes my soul and I rush for that feeling only to drown in this dark hole

Just wanting one moment, thinking it will last forever,

This deep dark depression swallowed me in its grasp clenching onto me, and I had no choice but to drink its poison.

I remember those days like they were yesterday
Because they were

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