Here you are at that finish line you didn’t think existed
Looking back on the journey, smiling because you know it was worth it
All the dark nights and long mornings
The moments of dissonance and loss
The pressure creeping into your soul,
They are all looking at you begging you to return. But they were part of the journey, and now you’ve reached your destination
Hopefully you don’t forget about them.
For they are a mark of what once was, but will never be again. So they allow you to not repeat the patterns that kept you in that realm
And the destination?
That’s forward, that me new life.
So as you turn away from the dismay, and the struggle, you move forward and smile.
Happy hat you’ve reached your goal, and that you learned the different ways not to please your soul.
Here you are
After all that pain
All the tears
All the fear
All the sorrow
All the time spent falling into the darkness
Walking into the light
Knowing without it, you wouldn’t know this beautiful idea could be in your sight.

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