The Power of you

Align yourself with you,
There’s no one more important than that man or woman in the mirror.
Invest in your very being so that your soul can crush your dreams with its very essence.
Dedicate you to yourself. And manifest the beauty you hold within yourself into tangible ideas, dreams, lifestyles.

The environment around you can either taint you or enhance your prowess
You decide
And then glide through the oceans so deep
Swim the endless sky’s
Become one with yourself
And watch your empire rise
We are the conductors of our own trains
The captains of our own ships and planes
Where they go is up to us to decide
Yes there are storms and turbulence that come from time to time
However a little rough patch can only deter our paths not stop them.

Believe in the power of you
Live that life you wanted to live
You get one.
So cherish it. And enjoy the beauty it brings

Adonis Isiah

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