I’m not sorry

I’m not sorry I’m black
I’m not sorry you feel attacked by my presence
I’m not sorry that I discuss race whenever I can I’m not sorry you’re uncomfortable with that conversation

For you weren’t sorry when you brought my anscetors across seas and forced them to pick cotton
You weren’t sorry when you tore them from
Their families and beat them a castrated hem and hung them for your little entertainment and ate food with your melanin deficient ass family
You weren’t sorry when you segregate us and gave us no resources, or when you hosted us in the street. Or when you burned out businesses and wore white capes and terrorized us every week

No I’m not sorry
You didn’t hear me? I’m not ducking sorry you’re uncomfortable with my place in this room
Because you weren’t sorry when you redlined specific communities and places me and my family in public house omg with poor plumbing and cluster-phobic houses
You weren’t sorry when I walked into a store to buy something and you followed me around
You weren’t sorry when you ahoy me in the face for nothing
You’re never sorry, when you crush my dreams and destroy everything I work for.
Why should I be sorry because I’m trying to rebuild that and be an American citizen like you?

Fuck apologizing I’m here, and until you respect that I’ll always be here,

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