Big hearted

Warm is the mind that finds time to take care of everyone else’s life
However all that heat they surmised for others lives turns into cold in their own mind draining them of the nutrients necessary to survive
It is the curse of the big heart that we give others warmth in times when we need it the most
Unselfishly we submit to people and lose ourselves in the process of pleasing them that we forget to please ourselves
Somehow we find pleasure in others pleasure
Forgetting what it feels to see that smile in our reflections
The curse of the big heart
Is a beautiful liar
Telling us that giving to people will make us feel good inside
But when it’s time for others to give to us,
Everyone seems to hide
When we are down everyone seems to have faded into their crevasses
Our benevolent efforts tend to bury us in life.
This world is cruel
Designed to take, rather than give
So the big hearts give. As much as they can
And we end up lost
Buried in some sand.

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