It’s amazing how quickly life can be pilfered away
Here today gone tomorrow
You’ll never know your time
And we become blind with the idea that we have little time
So we divide our lives into little lies
That make us feel whole
Never understanding how our happiness and growth are the components that complete our puzzles
So quick to forget how life is fragile
And what that truly means
It means to love the time we have
And cherish the ones with us
Not because we don’t know when it’s our time
Because life isn’t about that
It’s about what mark you make before you’re gone
For others
No for ourselves
We lost nipsey physically however his impact will remain in our hearts
That’s life
To leave a legacy they can’t destroy
To define ourselves and feed our souls with love
To let go of the control we wish to have and live a path of fire that burns the world with our passionate souls
To douse the flames in raging rains
That reigns our kingdoms far and wide
A king was slain yesterday and the world mourned
Yet his life was cherished so much that he lives on in our hearts
RIP Nipsey Hussle May you always lighten up our darkness’s with your light

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