What is the life we’re living without joy?
How do we attain this glee?
Will it set us free? Will the objects such as achievements or material things fulfill our souls and let us receive happiness?
Or is there something inside we have to define in order for us to be alive and know what it feels to be satisfied and happy with our lives

In the world we live in our happiness is always defined with what’s next. Never appreciating the moment, or the journey, no, we’re so interested in the destination that we expedite our expectations in search of some revelation to make us filled with happiness.

How will we be happy if we keep seeking it in other places?
We end up pursuing joy in these empty spaces then putting on these false faces and we look back on our lives knowing we weren’t present in any of these places

We reveal our “ joyful” moments on the gram. Stunting on people with words others said trying to get others mad then claim that we’re unbothered by what others said. We post things to show people our progression when inside we’re hiding our depression and aggression
And these transgressions become our essence as we fill our souls with false hope, and empty happiness.

And we look back on the memories we made wishing we we’re present as we fade.
This is the pursuit of happyness

Not happiness, no happyness. A false happiness
An incorrect validation. Seeking others approval and believing that the next event will bring us glee
Well here I am to tell you. If you don’t enjoy what you got you’re never going to be happy

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