Warm lights

Fainting and flickering in the darkness you left me in the cold.

Sitting here attempting to warm you up in a night so old, and exhausted from the terrors it brought to you

You warn out from the exhaustion that is the night

Found my little light

Felt its heat,

And proceeded to place your hands out

Absorbing all of my energy

And I sat here covering you in my smothering flames

Hoping to keep you safe

But me being naive I didn’t realize you weren’t here to stay

Why? You say?

Because I’m not the spark that lights up your life

No I’m the fire that keeps you warm at night

Your want flash, not fire, so you leave when you recharge in order to find that thrill, leaving the passion

I am the dedication and new territory you need

But not the electricity you seek

So you dance into the dark and curious night

Looking for a new light

While I fade away in the distance

Looking to find the next soul attempting to achieve life

Will we cross paths again someday I’ll never know

But until then I’ll keep my flames lit, waiting to see your growth

And maybe someday you’ll want to be warm rather than blinded by some arbitrary light, and I’ll comfort you again, forever and we’ll both fade into the enigma of the night

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