When the dust settled from the civil rights movement and the blood was cleaned from Fred hamptons apartment
When the hopelessness reached its peak and all hell broke out in the hot summer streets of those stricken with poverty a black smith carved a new school of thought through rhythm and groove
And I was forged in the concrete jungle of dreams
I am the revolution formed in the heart of pain destruction and suffering
I am celebration of love that spread across the world
I am hip hop

I am The earthquake of culture that shook the foundation of the masses
My tectonic sound sent waves that reshaped the land mass of pop culture
I am the explosion of expression that lives dormant in everyone’s bodies
I am the chaotic combustion of flavor, pain, and soul, that took over the world
I am hip hop

I am the screaming voices of the underrepresented
The rhythm to the beat that pumps in our hearts
I am the presence that controls the room just how the dj spins a tune and makes the crowd move
Master of time
Master of voice
I am the the outcry of generations hoping to create another choice

I am hip hop

Kool Herc’s vision is channeled through me,
I am the rhythm and the beat he used to save the streets

I am the soul of unity that bambaata saw when he invented the Zulus. The magical muse he used to fuse our people into one

I am the fervor that flash blasted the world with in order to cast the spell of freedom to the young boys and girls through the colorful collusion of the crayon and vinel.

I am the spirit of these legends in the flesh
I am hip hop

For I am the saving grace
I bring together every race
Here I am today standing in front of you opening up my doors to show you
That I am hip hop
And it was a hot summer day that I was born
In cool herc’s domain
Bambaata made me king
grandmaster flash took me to heights unseen.
Slick Rick molded me into this beautiful face
Public enemy put me on the map
NWA put me into attack
And boom then crash I shattered the confiding glass
From then on I was commercialized and revolutionized and era
I am the burning soul of musical gold that never grows old
I am hip hop.
And I live to change lives

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