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My last post was about the Los Angeles Lakers and the aftermath of their trade for Anthony Davis. This post will be about the New Orleans Pelicans, and how they retooled with young Talent going into the 2019 NBA draft.


The New Orleans Pelicans just won possibly the best trade since Masai Ujiri traded Carmelo Anthony for an overhaul of players in 2011. The Los Angeles Lakers just traded Lonzo ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the 2019 4th overall NBA draft pick, and to Future NBA first-round draft picks for Anthony Davis in a mega-deal that seems to be the biggest in recent memory. This is a trade that has been in the works for several months now.


The most enticing part about all this now is the young talent that the New Orleans Pelicans have to work with. Lonzo ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the number four overall pick, and Zion Williamson, the projected number one overall pick for the 2019 NBA draft. That’s a great line up in anyone’s books.


The biggest possibility is this: Lonzo Ball and Zion Williamson.


Lonzo and Zion?

Lonzo ball assist highlights

Zion Williamson highlights

Lebron and dwade highlights

Imagine the highlights, the fast run-and-gun lobs and spectacular alley-oop dunks that these two can make. This could be reminiscent of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade back in 2010 to 2014. This gives Lonzo and Ingram a brand new start. They had faced a lot of turmoil in 2019 being under the pressure of playing with LeBron James and underperforming. However, in their young careers, they have a chance to play for a team that’s fresh hungry with new management. They also have great veterans like Jrue Holiday to teach them the workings of the NBA. As well as being fresh off a season playing and working with LeBron James closely. This could be the start of something amazing in New Orleans. Lonzo is a great young point guard with out of this world court vision and amazing defensive capabilities. Ingram is often compared to Kevin Durant. Zion appears to be the second coming of the next great NBA player in the league.


Just the possibilities of this team are endless. Plus the number for overall pick, we haven’t even gotten into that yet. The Pelicans can trade this pick and get another veteran or even more pics to retool this roster. or they can draft young Talents such as Darius garland from Vanderbilt, or Cam reddish who underperformed at Duke, but was a top-tier talent coming into the season last year. He can be a replacement if Brandon Ingram can’t recover fully from the blood clot injury he had. This injury serious and could end his career fingers crossed.

However, whatever they do with that pick it can be something really good. Plus the ┬áPelicans a future first-round picks from the Lakers that they can trade to get more first-round picks which means they’ll be set for the foreseeable future. This is reminiscent of the Danny Ainge trade for the Celtics trade of Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Jason Terry in exchange for first-round picks from the Nets. David Griffin has seemed to Bamboozled and swindled the Lakers in this. If I were to say there was a winner out of this it definitely was New Orleans Pelicans. Even though I’m Anthony Davis fan, this was too much for one player.


However, the deal has been done. Young Lakers, now Pelicans get a fresh start. And I think it’s going to be very exciting. I believe that Ingram will have a breakout season, Lonzo ball as well and the Pelicans will be fast and exciting. I can see them winning around 40 to 45 games with an up-tempo Style, Alvin Gentry is familiar with playing such Styles as he coached Steve Nash for a couple of Seasons with the Phoenix Suns and they played the up-tempo style at one point in time. So the transition will be smooth. This is going to make next season for the NBA very interesting. And I don’t think David Griffin is finished, he may even make a splash in free agency. Waiving all for buying out a veteran on the team whose contract is too high such as Solomon Hill. Adding more pieces to help these young players blossom into what they can be.


Now the young players can grow at their own pace and work with a young talent that may transcend the NBA in Zion Williamson. This would be great for Williamson and he’s too young players as well as Josh part 2.

Brandon Ingram Highlights


I predict Ingram will average over 20 points per game if he stays healthy. Lonzo can average a double-double, Jrue Holiday may get traded for young Talent. in the Pelicans either trade their number for overall pick or draft cam reddish or DeAndre Hunter. whatever the Pelicans do they have a lot of room to do so to retool this roster and be successful for the next five or six years.

There were winners on both sides of this trade, however, the Pelicans won the most, for they have the ability to have success for a very long time in this league.


some questions to answer:

1. What do you think the Pelicans should do with the 4th overall pick?

2. Do you believe Lonzo and Zion will be a great combo for years to come?

3. Will Brandon Ingram be a star? Will he recover from his blood clot?

4. Which team won this trade and why?



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