10 things to enjoy life with

Great Rising to anyone and everyone reading this. A writer, I found that I struggle often with motivation and positivity at times. The writing business is hard, but any business is like that. It takes hard work, and time to get anywhere in this world and that can be a tedious task to accomplish. There are so many distractions and obstacles that preside over our lives and can devour our thoughts, wishes, dreams, and beliefs. So, as a writer, I often take the time to find inspiration and rekindle my desires. I rejuvenate and remind myself of why I write. Here, in this post, I’d like to share those gems.

Here are 10 things to do today to enjoy positivity


  1. Breathe

Breathing to me is paramount. Taking the time to inhale and exhale and experience everything around you in a moment. Accepting your surroundings and current situation while you do it will clear the mind and allow you to recharge. Breathing is essential for life, so we should as human beings appreciate it more and BREATHE every chance we can get. I try once every hour to just breathe and restore my mindset in order to get everything together in my head.

2. Accept failure

We all fail at something. Some of us fail more than others. However, failure doesn’t diminish your worth, nor does it mean you won’t succeed. Some of the greatest people we’ve known have failed before they’ve succeeded. Failure is a part of life, a stepping stone. A reminder of what you did wrong and what you can do to do better. The best of us learn from our failures and transform them into success. Those that have failed the most have the greatest stories to tell as well. Think of failure as the journey, every time we fail we add another mark on our journeys to our destinations. Every time we fail we learn another way not to succeed, and it will lead us to that success.

3. Dedication is key

You must stay vigilant and determined to reach your goals in this world. Understand that there will be roadblocks that will test your mental fortitude, there will be side roads you will have to take on the journey. However, Prosperity is determined by your dedication and desire to succeed. Be consistent with your goals and work towards them every chance you get.

4. Change is constant

This world changes every day. YOU change every day. In fact, if you put into perspective you aren’t the same person you were an hour ago. We are growing and changing every second every minute, learning new things about ourselves with every passing moment. I was told once that ” change is the only constant in the universe.” That’s pretty odd when you think about it but acutely accurate. Change is everywhere, and once we accept that we change we can begin to blossom.

Change can be scary, but we must accept change and learn to live with it. Learn to explore change and love the changes we go through. some may be life-changing, some may alter our entire lives. But change is here to stay.

5. Believe and invest in yourself and your abilities.

Bet on yourself. Put faith into whatever it is you’re chasing and follow through with it. No one is going to hand you your dreams. No one is going to walk you through the steps necessary to achieve your goals. You are the architect, the builder, and the executor of your life. And you are capable of so many things if you believe in yourself. Have massive dreams and execute them with acute goals. eventually, you will build a pyramid out of the small blocks you piled on top of each other, But you have to believe in what you’re doing.

People will reject you’re ideas and project their fears into your psyche. You must block them out and do it your way, or the dream will just be that. And The reality will only be in your mind. Only you can achieve your dreams. How will you do so?

6. Ask for help.

There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to others that are successful in your field of work or other realms. Ask for help, Ask for people to give your gems of knowledge to reach prosperity. Your network holds worth that you cannot possibly imagine. Build a network of people to look to for guidance and ideas. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to listen and guide you when asked.

It’s ok to ask for help, there’s nothing wrong with saying ” I can’t do this. can you help me” or reaching out. And the more brains you have the better. It means more eyes on a subject. I myself struggle with asking for help. I’m not afraid to admit it. I will wait to the last possible moment to ask for help. I’m fairly stubborn when it comes to this. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I can accomplish something. It didn’t provide the results I wished for. I’ve recently been reaching out because I personally don’t know at this moment in time. That’s perfectly fine. Asking for help can be more fruitful than we imagine. Don’t be afraid to do so.

7.  Your friends are your strength “cliche”

Yes, it is cliche, your friends are your power. However, it is true. The company you keep can be the foundation of strength necessary to push you to heights unknown. I have many friends. Some my age, some older than me. Some successful, some not so much. I have friends that push me and I push to achieve their goals. At times they are measuring sticks to where I am and where I need to be. Your friends are powerful in this. They can also be there to praise you when you achieve something and be honest with you. Let you know what you can improve on. The best advice comes from those closest to us because they know us better than anyone. Watch the company you keep. Have friends that believe in you but won’t always agree with you and your decisions and won’t be reluctant to tell you about it. Have friends that will listen to you and believe in your dreams. Your friends are your power, watch the company you keep for that power can give you energy or drain you.

8. Just start

Whatever it is you want to do, Just start it. Take that first leap. It is only when you fall that you can learn to fly. You have to leap off that cliff, You have to take that jump. This is sort of a combination of 2 and 5. There are so many fears to have. But you don’t know if something is for you if you don’t try. That’s perfectly fine. We were given one life, find new ways to live it every day. Try that new food you always wanted. Apply for that job. Talk to that person you always wanted to talk to. Move to a new state, country. Just take that step. that first step. You never know where it will take you. Do not regret life. Live it and take that leap. Where ever you are, no matter how steep the mountain is. Just start

9. Learn how to say no

Protect your energy. Know that if you don’t want something, its okay to say you’re uncomfortable or that you’re not interested. Yes, people don’t take rejection lightly but how will you feel if you’re always saying yes and neglecting yourself. You’re not a bad person if you say no. You’re not accumulating karma at all. Your protecting your energy and doing what you want to do. It’s okay to be selfish at times and not want to do things for others. No. is a complete sentence. Learn the power of it. Learn the value of it. Say it loud, say it proud and stick to it.

10. take care of yourself.

Physically, mentally, spiritually. Take care of your body. You only get one. Know what you’re putting into it and what you’re attracting. Take time to meditate if you have to. Work out. Watch your sugar intake and don’t eat too much of one thing. If you have a mental health issue, seek therapy. Your body is a work of art, and it needs to be maintained through healthy living and enjoyment.

Your life holds value, remember that. And you get to determine that value of that. Know your worth and expect and create nothing less.


here are some questions you can answer.

1. What are some things you do to live positively? or enjoy life with?

2. What would you replace my list with, if anything?

3. Did any of this help? if so how and why?

Thank you for reading.





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