As we march into the dawn of victory, let us rejoice and sing for today we let freedom ring through the heavens
Today we celebrate our emancipation from the nation that drags us down with so much hatred
Today is that day we were freed
From physical chains
And although America have us enslaved mentally we look forward on this day to a time in which we will be fully free,
But today, today is a day we live in infamy
Free at last free at last we’ll sing as we march down the streets loving our radiant skin as we appreciate this win
But as our fight lives on,
We must remember one thing.
This is our moment. And we must enjoy it as we watch the setting sun

There is no better feeling
This was the day the released our ancestors from their chains the 400 years enslaved ended today let’s celebrate their pain, struggle and hunger for the day they can say
It’s Juneteenth, today is our day
As we shout out into the streets let us be reminded of how far we’ve come, and how far we must go
There is no time like the present as we reminisce on the past
There is no moment greater
Black Independence Day, yeah that sounds great
Juneteenth happy Juneteenth
Liberation be thy name,
Lady liberty, take me with you on this day
Bring me to freedom,
I’m no longer a slave
Bring me to happiness, to love, to joy.

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