They didn’t tell us

No one told us we were diamonds when the three us in the dirt. And when we reflected light from the sun they became blind to how beautiful we shined because they didn’t realize we were divine. So they buried us in more dirt, then paved it with rock
Not knowing that diamonds thrive under pressure they assumed we be buried. But no
Like the rose that grew from the concrete
Like the Phoenix from the ashes we rise
Burning bright in that intense sunlight
And again we blinded them with our reflection
Thee ignorance faded as they couldn’t see our true beauty
They were blinded by rage and the face that we shined and they couldn’t
So they threw us into the ocean and cut us up into jewels

No one told us we had crowns
So we walked around wondering why we were uncomfortable being peasants and slaves
No one told us we came from power
Not that we were born to lead,
No one told us we were Kings,
And they threw us in the barrels like monkeys, scrapping for survival we forgot how to uplift, because we were never meant to be caged in,
And compact
No, we were diamonds, we shine bright
We are birds free at sea
Caged in like some trophy. Even I our oppression we found a way to reflect light. But our light was tainted by someone’s personal sight

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