Who do you want to be today

Happy Saturday folks. It’s the Weekend! Cheers to another week accomplished. Another chase for your goals. Whether it be happiness, money, a new job, don’t forget to pursue your goals with positive outlooks.

Question of today who will you be today? What type of energy will you deliver to yourself to be that person?

You are in control or your destiny. Yes, there are obstacles and limitations to what you can do and be. However, you can still control your auras and energies in order to make today positive. How you think is powerful beyond measure, so what are you thinking of yourself today?

What can you do to create that positive energy to live out the best day possible? These are some questions you can ask yourself. Write down your answers. Make a checklist of what you can do today. What goals do you have? What new things you wish to try? What events do you want to go to? These are some things you can write down to do for the day.

Remember, The most significant obstacle stopping you from being your best but you. So stop being your own limitation, put together a plan for the day and live! Enjoy the fresh air that a new day brings! Breathe life into your mind and soul and body and manifest the brilliance and beauty that is within your being.

You are immaculate, and you matter so much to the world. You matter to yourself and you owe it to yourself to enjoy the most extraordinary parts of yourself. So go out and enjoy the sun.

Here’s a short poem of positivity to go along with this post.

This moment is a requiem for the score that is your life,

You make beautiful music with your soul

That sways the ones around you to listen in glee

Your music bounces off their ears and sings to them beautiful melodies of passion

And grace

Action, life, joy

All come from your face

Love, power, and prescience are emanating from your chakras as you serenade the world

With your radiant soul

Today is your day to push your song for the world to see,

Sing it, and watch how many people it brings

Looking in awe

Wanting to listen.

What song will you sing?

Who will you be today?

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