Are we looking into a mirror?
Fear and detachment of the past has forced us to flip the hour glass in an attempt to reverse time and to go blind to the true nature of our bigotry
How dare we strip these children from their mothers and father because they illegally fled to us for hopes of salvation
Out of fear that they’ll steal our jobs?
Because they don’t belong
In the land of the free?
The home of the brave?
How about the land of the white and the home of the knaves?
The land where they terrorize their own citizens
And claim it to be an act of insanity
The land where they repeat the same toxic cycles of violence and hatred that spurned from someone’s dislike of someone else not PAYING ATTENTION TO THEM AT ALL
This country repeats its own cycle of pain and hatred, scorning our neighbors from the south and placing them in camps
The same camps we place the Japanese
Over and over again we complete the same cycles. Looking for quick fixes to long term problems
Overlooking our own values
Didn’t we promise freedom to all that crossed our boarders
Oh I forgot the asterisk they placed in invisible ink that didn’t allow those with melanin in their skin a pass to this ass of a country
How can we turn our backs on people again? How can this much rage be filled in this place? Why do we repeatedly

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