I read a post the other day that said something like….

“ we live in a world where black pride can be celebrated in America as peace but white pride is shunned as hate”

Knowing historically the volatile nature of white pride I agreed with him.

Because seee here’s the facts.

We also live in a world where a black man can be shot while unarmed by a police officer and no justice is served.

We live in a nation where our white co workers. Our johns our Becky’s can work with us in the day but wear white masks and perpetuate hatred at night.

We live in a nation that

Steals our black men from our homes

Either by casket or by chains

Where we are enslaved by the words typed on the constitution that didn’t even have our names on it until 1865.

We live in a country where black pride can be celebrated because forever blackness has been delegated to the back of the bus

Where whiteness is all around us and that’s the only beauty we live in

We live in a nation where a good program and militant action to protect ourselves was thought of as a terrorist group but motherfuckers can shoot up schools and have a mental illness. Where a white boy can get 6 months for a rape crime because he’s a child and his reputation is at stake. But a black man can have accusations against him from 30 years ago and be sentenced to

Don’t you see there’s a reason we wear our fists out. Because it’s a symbol that throughout all the pain. All the struggles. All the disdain we face. There’s still a resilience to us and that’s what makes us great. Because black pride doesn’t spread hate. It’s symbolic of love. Tried and true and white pride has historically vomited hate. From the time they raped and killed the natives of this land, to the times they put us in chains and hung us and beat us for nothing. To the time they put the Japanese in internment camps and burned down black churches and blamed the Mexicans for their own unemployment white pride has delivered nothing but hate.

But a black man raising his fist

That’s a symbol of change

A symbol of hope

A symbol of love.


My brother you defend hate?

You choose to look past the screams of Trayvon,

Emmett, mike,

Jordan, Amadou,

Sandra, and so many more that were given a gruesome fate all because of misplaced hate.


I choose love

So I raise my fist, in support of all that is prideful, and all that do the opposite of hate

Too black too strong

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