NBA Free Agency reaction

A seismic shift has occurred in the NBA landscape. As many of you know NBA free agency has officially opened, and now players are choosing their new teams. Or, are choosing to stay with their old teams. Right now, at this moment, Kevin Durant, previously employed by the Golden State Warriors has chosen to take his talents to Brooklyn and play for the Brooklyn Nets. He won’t play until the 2020 to 2021 season because of an Achilles injury. However, this type of move changes the NBA landscape drastically.


 Being arguably the best player in the league, his changing conferences will shape and mold how NBA teams prepare and play for the next four seasons. He’s also not going alone, Kyrie Irving previous played for the Boston Celtics, is now going to be playing for the Brooklyn Nets along with DeAndre Jordan. This puts together a super team, and will dramatically shape the dynamics of the Eastern Conference and how the league is going to be for the next four seasons.


 Kemba Walker has also decided to sign with the Boston Celtics, a smart move by Boston who’s in need of a point guard. Especially after the debacle that they had with Kyrie Irving. This will keep the Celtics in contention with the Nets, They won’t be able to compete with them in the long run, but they can keep up because of their young core.


 There are some other minor signings. One in particular, the signing of Derrick Rose to the Detroit Pistons. Which I personally think is a pretty good move but won’t do anything in the long run. But shout out to Derrick Rose getting his money back now.


 In some initial reactions, I’m shocked, but not surprised. There were rumors swirling around about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joining up since February. Everyone assumed they were going to the Knicks because it’s the Knicks. The mecca of basketball, if they wanted to be NBA legends that was going to be the place to do it. Not saying that they aren’t already, but if they wanted to have legacies that surpassed the top upper echelon to put NBA players,  The New York Knicks would have been the place to go to. However this is the new NBA, and players choose their own legacies, they don’t care about other people’s opinions. What can Kyrie Irving do as you can see from the last couple years of media conversations. But this is a new era, this is the LeBron era, the choose your own destiny era. 


One signing that has me really excited, and also very shocked and surprised, is Terry Rozier AKA Scary Terry signing with the Charlotte Hornets. It’s as if the Hornets and Celtics just did sign and trades for Kemba Walker and Terry Rozier. Terry Rozier is a really good young point guard, who deserves a starting spot in this  League. Especially after his performance in the 2018 playoffs where he started at point guard in replacement of the injured Kyrie Irving and led the team to an Eastern Conference game 7. This signing is really interesting because it’s a smart and safe move for the Charlotte Hornets. In a really good investment. Charlotte gets a young point guard ready to lead a team, and a chance to start over. 


 I’m excited. This creates a new form of competition, it makes the Eastern Conference look exciting next year. The Brooklyn Nets have a really solid team, but will have to make some trades. Some of the spots have two or more players that look like they need 25 or more minutes. Looking at the landscape of the Eastern Conference in 2020 to 2021, there will be the Brooklyn Nets, the Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto is not going anywhere, the Boston Celtics, potentially the Miami Heat, most other teams. The Eastern Conference is looking Stronger by each day and parity in the NBA may return pretty soon. We will see you as the rest of this free-agency pans out. Kawhi Leonard still has to choose a team, Jimmy Butler is still a free agent D’Angelo Russell now is an unrestricted free agent so we can go wherever he wants. We all knew this free agency was going to shift the powers-that-be in the NBA for a good four to five years,  but where these players are going to go that’s the entertaining part. Stay tuned for more free agency news as the days go by. Remember players can’t officially sign until July 6th, so we never know what will happen people could do a bait and switch at the last minute. Only time will tell.

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