The curse of a powerful mind, everything I create becomes questioned while it’s being designed. “Should I say this? Does this sound right? Naw that’s offensive, naw that’ll make people think too much.” Trying to make complex ideas feel simple is the most difficult battle I fight. I don’t want to sound sophisticated. I want to relate to people and make them think at the same time. Motivate people by getting them to relate to the diction I spew. But I question if I can relate to them. Is that my job? Or do I hit them with my soul and watch them rally around it. The tug of war that shackles my mind and forces me into my own thoughts. Speak !shout !scream! Sing to the heavens let your soul ring a bell that awakens the souls of those that listen to it. And for those who don’t, make noise loud enough that still causes vibrations in their ears. Eventually that seed will sprout into the rose that nurtured their mind. The nutrients of the thoughts you planted

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