What a wonderful world

It’s a wonder to comprehend how we’ve allowed those that aren’t us to determine our lives

Like how old white men can pass legislation to determine if a woman can carry a life

Or how they can determine the matter of black lives

Or brown lives

Or red lives

Or how Americans can determine if middle easterners need freedom

Only to bomb them without reason

Or how we can so easily detain young Mexican children and no one batts an eye

Tell me what is the value of a human life?

If it isn’t born yet, or it isn’t white

There is limited value in human lives

So many of the people that look like me have lost their lives,

Refugees seeking asylum risk theirs trying to cross a man made border

Figuratively and physically

Here in this nation

The very nation where all men are created equal

Static- transmission error

This nation where only white men are created equal

There is no equality for those who aren’t white

We saw it in the Declaration of Independence

We saw it in the emancipation proclamation

We saw it in manifest destiny

We saw it in Jim Crow

We saw it after Pearl Harbor

We saw it after 9/11

We saw it birth black lives matter

We saw it for pride

We saw it last night

When that black boy was shot by the cops

No gun in sight

Trying to reach home

Took a wrong turn

And it ended his life

We saw it in the very internment camps they put the Japanese in

Just this morning

We saw a Mexican baby separated from his mother

We saw it across the globe

Naw this isn’t just America

In Africa they’re dying in droves

From Sudan to South Africa

They rape our mother land

Everywhere you look

They’re killing our globe

Giving us false hope

Telling us that freedom is a privilege

Designated only to those who’s skin lacks melanin

What is this world

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