Caged, detained and forced to be brave

Beaten and degraded,

Enslaved by a system

They promised me my freedom

And arrested me for no reason

However I would not be defeated

A survivor of hell on earth

For a crime I did not commit

They tried to scapegoat me not knowing they summoned my inner king

And now I’ve come to collect everything they tried to take from me

The hate they gave me I will never reciprocate,

But don’t think that this is love being delivered in its place

No, there is no room for that in this heart

No vengeance to be sought,

But I will never give your forgiveness for the pain that you brought

To me

To my family

To my people

For you, there is no love for for the type of evil you bring

One day I’ll be free and the truth will set us both free

I’ll get my life back

I’ll give back to others

I’ll give love to those that you hate

And I’ll watch you look at me in disdain as I became stronger off what you did to try to break me

Everyday I would contemplate how much I’d live my life and never let you take it from me

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