Let that tightness in your jaw go,


Open your blinds and let the sunlight flow,


Stretch your legs, yawn, smile because you got another day to grow


Understand there is nothing you can’t achieve

All those demented ideas and twisted concepts that poison your mind should be locked in the box of yesterday

And thrown deep in the Mariana Trench


Let your mind see that you are divine B

That the greatest you isn’t sublime but right out there and alive B

The greatest you is the first thing you should see in the morning

No matter how you may look.

Love that face

And breathe

Take a moment and understand

That your worst days cannot measure up to your greatest

That your dark thoughts are not reality

That all the anxiety, the PTSD, the depression,

Will be denounced today they will not be that oppressor that rains down on your life like a bad hurricane



Let the suns rays shine on you today

As your skin radiates off that golden hue and you breathe

You’ll see, and you’ll be free

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