The greatest you

Picture that person you’ve always wanted to be

Envision your best self

Living, filled with glee, happily fulfilling your potential and growing so graciously

Formulate the idea of the man or woman you want to be in life

The best parts of yourself

The real you

The you you’ve been hiding from yourself

Not others, no

Because their interpretation of you cannot be determined by you

Only you can control how you see yourself

So stop visualizing the darkness that doesn’t exist

Stop believing you aren’t efficacious in life

Stop thinking that your worst qualities define your entire self

Love the greatest pieces of your puzzle,

and put them together to paint

your most marvelous picture

The person in the mirror

That beautiful soul that has a heart of gold and unapologetically loves themselves and is filled with health and is accumulating physical and mental wevlth

Picture your best self.

Picture your greatest form

This right here. That is the person you are

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