Say I have no drive

Keep saying that I have no drive

And watch me speed past you to my dreams

Continue to sleep on me,

As you count sheep I’ll be leaping over the fence doing the things you can’t see

Continue to to believe that I can’t be all of the things I said I would be

And watch me transform into the being you couldn’t fathom me to be

But don’t think you’re the fuel to my fire

I will burn even if you’re not there

I enjoy your encouragement however my dream chasing has nothing to do with you

I’m just here to remind you of what you said.

Regardless of how you feel I’m going to open doors

I’m going to break bread

And when I stand on top of that mountain top

Accomplishing all the objectives you couldn’t think I’d do

As a ascend on the ladder of life to heights far beyond the eyes rendering capabilities I want you

To remember that you didn’t believe in me

And when I whisper away into my happiness. I hope I become the symbol for you to stop hating. And chase your own dreams

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