Parity in the NBA?

This has been a very interesting summer for the NBA. Blockbuster trade after blockbuster trade, free agent signings that shocked the world. Everywhere from David Griffin swindling the Los Angeles Lakers into giving up almost all of their young assets and a top draft pick, to Kawhi leading the Lakers and Raptors, and the whole league on and then at the last hour switching everything up and going to the Clippers. And then bringing Paul George along was the biggest surprise no one thought was going to happen. Russell Westbrook is a Houston Rocket. 


Russell Westbrook is a Houston Rocket.


This entire NBA Summer has started off very interesting and has made the entire and Landscape look completely different from what it was last year. There’s a significant amount of parity in the NBA at this moment in time. And it makes the entire season look really entertaining. At this moment, there is no way to determine the definitive champion. There will be a lot of teams battling for seating in the Western Conference, and there is no king of the East anymore. They will be a new champion Next year. And it all has to do with the fact that so many players changed teams this offseason. Starting with the beginning of free agency, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined up to go to the Brooklyn Nets. Breaking All the hearts of Knicks fans worldwide. Jimmy Butler got his way into Miami through a sign-and-trade and Al Horford left the Boston Celtics to go to Philly. There are just so many different movements and Shakeups, the East is going to be highly competitive at the top.


 What this does for the average NBA fan is it allows them to root for their favorite NBA team again. And it shows that there’s no definitive winner on any given night. Everyone has to bring their A-game, someone has to weave the wheat from the chaff. Who will become crowned Champions?  Who will be sleepers? Who will disappoint? so many questions, so many answers to be determined once October begins.


 All I know is this season is about to be one for the ages. Let’s take a look back in retrospect at some things that happened. Kawhi Leonard had for the past several days before his decision made everyone believe he was going to either be a Laker or a Raptor. and then he made the decision to go to the Los Angeles Clippers. He also brought  Paul George with him. How did he do that when Paul George was signed for two extra years with Oklahoma City? Well, there were reports that Kawhi had been secretly meeting with Paul George in Los Angeles before his free agency decision. He had reportedly told the Clippers that he wanted George to come with him to LA. So he told the Clippers to trade for him if they wanted to sign him. And told Paul George to request a trade. This was a power move on Epic Proportions, almost on LeBron James level. This automatically propels the Clippers into title contention. Two top tier two-way players on one team with a pretty good team around him filled with players that have chips on their shoulders. Along with a great legendary coach. The Clippers are a team to watch frequently this next season. In the same building, the Los Angeles Lakers now have Anthony Davis teamed up with LeBron James. don’t ever count LeBron out, especially when he has one of the top five players on this team now. That’s all I need to say about that team.  


We all know that the Nets have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, we can’t see what they’ll become until next year when Kevin Durant recovers from his torn Achilles. So count them out for now. the Denver Nuggets are still present, we can’t forget about Portland and Damian Lillard. Now the Houston Rockets have Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Russell Westbrook are going to be something seriously exciting next season. Russ and James back together? oh boy, how do you game plan against that?


  The Utah Jazz and brought themselves to relevancy when they traded for  Mike Conley. All around the league has gotten better, and there is a lot of parity like I said before.

In The East, Malcolm Brogdon is now on the pacers, That’s a power move. The Bucks are going nowhere, Giannis is only getting better. Al Horford has now joined the sixers to make the tallest starting lineup anyone has ever seen. Defense there is going to be intense. Miami has jimmy Butler, they’re in the playoffs, pencil it. And the New York Knicks have Julius Randle, not bad since they struck out on KD. D’Angelo Russell Is on the Warriors, watch out, that’s going to be dynamic.


Oh Yeah, This NBA season is about to be on fire.

Oh, and Chris Paul is on the Thunder, For now.


 With all that being said, and all the great teams that are about to show themselves next season there are a few teams I would love to see next year. These are the sleeper teams that are going to shock a lot of these title contenders. I’m looking at all the Atlanta Hawks, the Sacramento Kings, and the New Orleans Pelicans.


 Why these three teams? Well, Sacramento had a really decent season. the New Orleans Pelicans have a lot of young talent from the Los Angeles Lakers and the number one overall pick in Zion Williamson. Lastly, the Atlanta Hawks have been silently building a really good team around Trae Young.


De’aaron Fox will be at the Helm of the entire Sacramento Kings offense, pushing the pace and making himself an all-star player. He who was drafted after a few point guards that have not panned out and aren’t even on the teams that drafted them anymore. Of the 5 point guards drafted in the top ten, He is the only one either starting, or had not been traded. The other four are Dennis Smith Jr. ( who actually has a lot of promise and is underrated in some circles.), Lonzo Ball, Frank Ntlikina, and Markelle Fultz. 


When it comes to the Pelicans they now have a plethora of first-round picks, and a player said to be the future of the NBA in Zion Williamson. As well as all of the Lakers former young talent sans Kyle Kuzma. Brandon Ingram is forming into a star (mark my words) Lonzo Ball was playing better also before his injury but has a lot to prove. Josh Hart can be a 3 and D guy for many years to come. This team is going to be fast and exciting for a long time. 


Atlanta as well. With Trey Young and John Collins to build around, The Hawks look like a solid sleeper in the east to make a lot of noise and maybe even sneak into the playoffs. Trey Young is like a young Steve nash with slightly more athleticism and much deeper range. On top of the fact that the Hawks have drafted Deandre Hunter, a 3 and D wing who can slide to the 4. And Cam Reddish who is essentially a raw Tracy Mcgrady. This team looks primed for a splash this year. Also, shout out to Kevin Huerter whos from upstate New York. He’s also got a prominent role with the Atlanta Hawks.


This summer has been interesting, and the league looks really exciting to watch because of it. What’s your team or teams for next year? 

What teams will disappoint you think? 

What teams will surprise you? 

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