I wanna rush through the current of your mind

Battling through the treacherous waves of your psyche as I swim the canals of your soul

When I reach the climax I can stare in awe at the pure water reflecting the purple and orange night sky

I want to swim the ocean you call life

Constantly storming and changing tides I dive deep into every abyss to dig up every diamond I can find and be amazed at how each shines differently

I wanna put you in my life and wisp through the ponds and jump off the cliffs into springs that highlight the different phases of your life. Yet you feel like i May drown,

Baby didn’t you know I had gills?

Even if I drown I’m confident you’ll resuscitate me on the shore, and when I wake I’ll take you back into your vast oceans and we’ll both explore the hidden gems deep inside you

Don’t fret because you fear the dark trenches will swallow me

I create my own light,

And I know just where to find yours if you’ll let me. So I have to ask,

Can we shine together,

Go from your deeps seas to the stars and shine forever

Illuminating the endless darkness of space gravitating towards each other but keeping enough distance to create our own solar systems and merge them when they’ve grown large enough?

Forever traveling the galaxy giving light to those black holes and designing our own when the time comes?

Don’t fear you’ll blind me with your light, I was born in it, now let us glisten

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