I am

We are all an amalgamation of the thoughts we think, the people we see, hear and speak to us.

Who are you? That is the question

Who am I?

I’m this weird awkward shy guy challenging the paradigm of what it means to be a fly guy

Who am I? A lost black boy traversing through this wonderful universe attempting to sign my name cursively on the dotted line of the endless wave of history

The books they will write about me, I dream of,

but after I tell them about myself

Who am I?

This combination of desperation, joy, and impatience

looking to explore the deeper meanings that life implores of me

Running away from responsibilities and recklessly carving my path as I try to do the math and divide the most fiscally stable means to get a bag

More often I stray from the path that leads me to greatness

Mostly because I’m clumsy and goofy,

Often sinking in the abyss of anxiety and depression that continues to coil like a boa around my body suffocating me within its grasp

As I feel that any breath could be my last I enjoy the lasting feeling that air brings.

Living in the moments I constantly pass

Like a train I’m supposed to be conducting

I swear, I’m not an idiot I just fuck up a lot

This is the skin I’m in as uncomfortable and exhilarating as it my seem

And I’m loving the transformations that have melded me and the experiences that make up my being

I’m asking can you feel me? I promise if you understand my plight then you’ve already seen the real me

So as I attempt to find these pieces of me and relish the powress of my soul

I scribe my world to you

Hopefully you’ll see this man has a heart of gold

Ive spent long nights trying to express my heart to the papyrus

And With that ink sinking, with all that deep thinking having me daydreaming I start to realize who is this man that keeps reaching

I fully understood that

I’m grounded by the amazing people that helped me create this mold

And it’s because of them that I finally reached that life I always believed in

I’m telling you, from the depths, I’m this coalition of confusion and love in a world where I have to be bold

Because those I’ve surrounded myself with won’t let me fold if you want a reason to believe nigga here it is

Who am I? I’m this…awkward young man.

Searching for spare change as I dare play this uncomfortable and unfair game of life. Saying fuck em to anybody that don’t know me,

I do anything I want, because that’s how my friends made me,

And I thank them everyday for how they helped me change things

Who am I? I’m Adonis Isaiah

Who are you?

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