Story concept 1

The necrolumious jungle

“A living jungle that will either guide you through it or swallow you in darkness never to be found” Ira said. The 4 of them stared into the pitch black entrance as if it were a giant mouth preparing to consume them.

” we have to go through it.” Eva said bravely, yet she could feel her legs trembling in fear.

” are you sure there isn’t another way around?” Elias responded as his voice cracked. Suddenly a sharp, blistering cold breeze shot at their faces from the mouth of the jungle as if it were screaming at them. The look on their faces said it all. They were in way over their heads. “I think that’s our que to go, we’re not welcomed here.” Jones screamed in terror as he fell to his knees crying.


” Pull yourself together you punk bitch! ” Eva had Jones by the neck at this point, a sudden Ire in her eyes. Both Ira and Elias stared in awe at her sudden burst of emotion. Being the eldest and unquestioned leader of this team, it was Eva’s job to keep everyone in line. Even though she was just a year older than the rest of them, she held the most experience, having taken down two sphinx, a black dragon, and taming a lion soul at a young age. She was the self proclaim princess of the Massillon, a lineage of brave warriors. She claimed the ranks of her clan through her accolades and surpassed her grandmaster before she was 15. Yet she had never traversed through the Necrolumious jungle. She had heard stories of people entering and never returning, and those that lived to tell the tale returned with horror stories of demons, monsters, torture. She was not about to enter this jungle with anyone showing a lick of fear. Yet through all her bravery perhaps she was the most afraid.

Bang, pap, crunch, crunch,

Her fury had turned physical as she began to pulverize Jones at this point. It had taken both Ira and Elias to take her off of him, and even then they were overwhelmed. Jones laying beaten and bruised in confusion and fear stared into the the sky hoping she wouldn’t return to continue beating him into the ground. ” Eva that’s enough!” Ira shouted ” you don’t have to beat him to a pulp we need him” Elias said. ” No we don’t need pussies! If you’re not going to be brace enough to come here take your bitch ass back home!” Eva said.

Jones was up at this point.

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