5 best teams at this point of in NBA

So now that the free agency frenzy has ended in the NBA I can deliver my top five teams for next season. Previously I did a small review on all the NBA free agency that occurred, and I gave three teams that I’m excited to see. Here I’m going to reveal to you the teams that I believe are the best in the NBA after all the shifting and moving. starting from one going down to five in order here are my top five teams next season.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

Even though I am a LeBron James fan, this isn’t a bias. Or, I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible. However, I do believe that this is the best team in the league at this moment in time. With LeBron James, the best player in the world ( which can be disputed at this time for the first time in years). I believe the Lakers have the best chances of winning the title. This is because they have two of the top five players in the world,  as well as DeMarcus Cousins. Who was before the ACL injury the best center in the league. He is now healthy, and it appears that he’s lost weight as well. That Twin Towers Dynamic is going to be tough to beat on the night to night basis. And if DeMarcus Cousins comes back at least 80% then the rest of the league is in trouble. Because Anthony Davis is Unstoppable and so was LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins at their Peak. Watch out. We’re talking about the frontcourt dynamic that is fast, fairly capable on defense, and also Smart.  they also can shoot from the perimeter which means they can stretch the floor giving each and every one of them a chance to play in the paint or attack the rim. With the addition of Rondo, who becomes another player in the playoffs, Danny Green who stretches the floor like no other, and the young Kyle Kuzma who is coming into his own, this team has depth and Veteran leadership that can Trek Deep into the playoffs and give any team fits. On top of that, they have Avery Bradley who’s heavily underrated. As a Defender people have forgotten who is Avery Bradley is because he hasn’t gotten a lot of TV time and the past year.

 These are the main focal points as to why I believe the Lakers are the best team for next season. Also, we’re forgetting that LeBron James is healthy. LeBron James healthy is a different animal, and a lot of the league has written him off because of the injury last year and because the Lakers did not make the playoffs. But our best bet is to not think that this sleeping giant is still sleeping and then he’ll be on a tear for vengeance. As well as the claim his throne rightfully as the best player in the world. Do not count the Lakers out, don’t think that this chemistry won’t work. Remember Rondo Davis and cousins have played together and played well together. Especially in the playoffs without DeMarcus Cousins, where the Pelican swept the Trail Blazers in 2018. so there you have it my 2020 NBA champions are the Los Angeles Lakers.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

The second-best team, in my opinion, is the Los Angeles Clippers. This team has a 3 player rotational Juggernaut that is Patrick Beverley, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard. This line up will stop a lot of players from getting the ball past half-court. Everyone is fantasizing about the idea of switching on a pick-and-roll from Patrick Beverley to Paul George and then switching off another pick-and-roll and catching Kawhi Leonard. The amount of steals these three will get and the number of stops they’ll get will be unprecedented in the NBA. On top of that Montrez Harrell is a beast, who may start this season. With Lou Williams, a player who can get a bucket at any given time, I predict this team winning about 65 to 67 wins in the season based on that Dynamic alone. And they’re being coached by Doc Rivers? Oh yeah, this team is going to be tough to beat on any given night. This team is deep, Relentless, and they all have a chip on their shoulders being at the fact that they’re the “younger brother” of the Los Angeles Lakers. Watch out for this team, if you’re playing them circle them because they’ll be a matchup nightmare.

3. Houston Rockets

the third-best team in my opinion at this moment in time is the Houston Rockets. There are a lot of people is questioning if there’s enough basketball to go around between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Or if they’ll actually work out. People are already thinking that these two will clash a lot and not work well. However my opinion, I see a my turn ,your turn type of dynamic. Where James Harden doesn’t have it one night, then Russell Westbrook will take over. Plus both of these players can get 10 assists in their sleep.  Westbrook can change the tempo, allowing Harden to play off the ball at times. And Harden can do the same. Russell Westbrook can become a Dwyane Wade type of player cutting to the rim at times. These players are desperate, they know that they’re in the prime of their careers and it’s starting to decline. This meaning they need a championship now. Or yesterday. think about it, both of these players were already unstoppable by themselves. Now imagine them together, that’s a nightmare that would wake players up in their sleep. James Harden already is unguardable. Russell Westbrook is relentless. The only thing that would make me fear this team not going far in the playoffs is Mike D’Antoni and his system. Other than that I really think this team could cause Frets for anybody in its way.

4 Philadelphia 76ers

The fourth-best team, in my opinion, is the Philadelphia 76ers. I believe that Ben Simmons and Joel embiid will come into their own this year and make it to the NBA finals through the Eastern Conference. The only team I see standing in their way will be the Milwaukee Bucks, and I don’t think Milwaukee has enough Firepower to handle these two giants. This is all in good faith that Ben Simmons will get a respectable jump shot, as well as Joel Embiid, losing weight and getting down on the low block more. Another reason why I have faith in the city of Liberty is that they have a super tall lineup. There isn’t a player on that starting lineup that is under six foot six. meaning of their defense is going to be staggering. Ben Simmons is already an Avid Defender, Joel Embiid can already protect the rim with the best of them, Tobias Harris and Horford can cover a lot of ground too. Plus they have players that can stretch the floor, they’re not Marksman such as Kyle Korver, however, they can shoot threes as a pretty decent clip. Meaning Ben Simmons has driving lanes, and Joel

Embiid can post-op without trouble. The only people that would get in their way would be each other. And this is why Ben Simmons needs to develop a working jump shot and shoot it at a high percentage so that people can defend him rather than sagging into the paint and double-teaming others. Aside from that, this team is primed to make an Eastern Conference title run. They might even win a championship, but at the same time, I think they’re a couple of years removed from that.

5.  Golden State Warriors

Lastly, my Fifth best team is the Golden State Warriors. Surprise, never count out a  champion.I do believe that the Warriors Dynasty is on halt, especially with Klay Thompson out for most of the year. However, with the addition of D’Angelo Russell, a dynamic point guard who’s learning his way and has just been fresh off his first All-Star Appearance,  I believe this team will stay afloat until the playoffs. Steph is still Steph, and Draymond is now able to play as Draymond again. plus they added Willie Cauley-stein, who’s an athletic Young Center who can catch lobs and defend the rim. Watch them unlock him. This team, although not as great as they were with Kevin Durant, it’s still a great team that will cause trouble to anybody in the playoffs, or even in the regular season on any given night. Plus their three-times champions I’ve learned anything is to never disrespect the heart of a champion. The Warriors will be on a Redemption tear to prove everybody wrong thinking that their Dynasty is over. To them, they’ve only just begun.

 These are the five teams I think are going to be the best in the NBA next season. I also believe these five teams have the best shot at winning a championship. I didn’t put the nuts in here because Kevin Durant is not going to be back until 2020-21.  but they are around the top 10 close. 

What are your top five?

 Is there a team you will replace out of mine? 

What team do you think will win the championship next year? 

Please answer these questions in the comments section.

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