Riding the bench

Man that bench can be so cold, so lonely, even in a crowded space

Put me in the game coach! I know I can contribute

But coach over looks you every time they look at that bench.

All the hard work, all the long outs you spend perfecting your craft. Showing coach you got the skills to add to winning.

You know you could be a star if only coach would give you the opportunity to shine

However coach is blind, to the other candidates


You end up riding the pine

Man that bench will humble you fast, it will show you that hard work and dedication can make you lose your mind, just to watch coach pick the teammate beside you

That bench will remind you of every game, you sat there, watching the score go up,

Watching the games go to waste

Knowing, if I get the chance, I know I can help win this race,

Or this game,

Or help this company lead

All you need is one coach to say,

“ get in the game”

And watch you claim all you dreamed of when you were on that bench

That bench is a reminder of that battle, that grind.

You sit there on the court sometimes and look at it in moments of exhaustion in remembrance if the time you once had that seat

And it gives you energy

Because the last thing you want is to be

Is back on that bench

Man you give everything you’ve got to never be on that bench again, you never want that experience in life

The bench is our reminder, being that outsider on the inside, just begging for the chance

One chance

To get into the game

You’re a glorified audience member when you’re on the bench, just waiting for your opportunity,

And when you finally get it.

You take full advantage

We all have been on the bench, we all know that frigid feeling. In one place or the other in life we’ve been benched.

Only to watch as the game goes by,

Busting our asses to get into that game and show coach what they’ve been missing

Keep working

Keep grinding,

And soon you’ll see, you’ll be off that bench and flying in no time


1. Where in life are you? Are you on the bench or are you in the game?

2. What aspects of life have you in the bench? What aspects have you in the game?

3. Are you working hard to get off the bench?

4. Are you working hard to stay in the game?

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