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Free Meek is the tragic story of Robert Williams, aka Meek Mill, The Philidelphia Rapper who was wrongfully dragged through the criminal justice system for over 11 years. It is a documentary series that captures the trials and tribulations of one of America’s best hip hop artists today. Free Meek is a triumphant saga that delivers the viewer a perspective of who Robert Williams is, and how disgusting and crooked the criminal justice system is. It is one of the most powerful films of 2019, and a must-watch for any viewer. Throughout this film viewers will go on a thrilling roller coaster ride of the journey Meek Mill went through, as well as highlight the different factions of the criminal justice system.

This is a much watch. There are so many elements of wins and losses, growth and exposure for a man who has become not only a symbol, but a representation, and a translation to millions as to how this criminal justice system is designed to oppress black and brown people.

From the beginning those that can relate will be mortified, angry, upset, sad and confused as to why this happened to this man. For those that are unaware not only to Meek’s experience but to the entire black and brown experience you will be shocked and hopefully changed by what you’re watching.

Throughout the film, you will witness injustice after injustice directed at Meek, and question if fairness and justice are being served. As you watch, attempt to think on a larger scale. This isn’t just Meek Mill this is happening to, Meek even highlights it in the documentary, There are millions of innocent people who are in prison, or slaves to the system and can’t get out because of petty violations.

This film series exposes the acute absurdities of probation and how it restricts those cursed by its grasp. It reveals how a man who turned his life around was followed by envy and jealousy as he was charged with egregious petty charges for the most asinine acts. Such as getting caught driving to Philly after hurricane Sandy to get to the Airport to Atlanta and being arrested for a Parole violation( he was supposed to get to Atlanta, but the airports in New York were closed because of the hurricane, since he wasn’t supposed to be in Philadelphia at the time but in NY or Atlanta, he was arrested.). Or his most famous and recent charge of receiving an F1 felony for riding a dirt bike in New York. This story will open your eyes to a lot of the atrocities not only Meek went through but how so many are still entangled within.

The importance of this documentary is at a critical point. When they See us came out just months before, and this is another powerful story that reflects on the horrors of the criminal justice system. Free Meek is, as I said before a must watch film series. It shows that no matter who you are if you’re black or brown in America the system can still find a way to control you. No amount of money can change that. This is not an isolated situation. This is Meek Mill’s story, the story of a young man who was wrongfully accused of pointing a gun at an officer and dragged through probation and the criminal justice system for ten years. think about that, how many black people have pointed guns at police officers and lived to tell the tale? I can’t think of any. However, this is an outlet, an outcry, a symbol, a reflection of the tragedies of so many just like Robert Williams.

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some questions for thought

  1. When do you see criminal justice reform occurring in the United States?
  2. Should the 13th amendment be amended?
  3. Do you believe Meek Mill was wrongfully persecuted in the criminal justice system?
  4. Do you believe he waved a gun at a police officer? if so, why

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