There are things we cannot seem to fathom, however we create them in our dreams

How many quiet screams and silent things haunt us in our wildest

Only for them to be fallacies we imagine in our darkest thoughts

But for some these dreams are realities,thoughts wishes ideals that are so real we become them,

Like Heathe Ledger and the joker, or shooters that kills people by the masses in the name of a flag, or ideas that never seem to last but have been instilled by messages designed to control the mass

How our dreams and thoughts become our reality has so much power but yet we cannot comprehend them in the end

The power of the mind is so amazing, like how depression and insecurities can make us believe our own insignificance in a world that would thrive with us believing our existence is massive,

Or how people can believe that others are lesser than them through skin color or origin or religion, oh how powerful the mind truly is,

How our dreams can be realities is a fallacy I cannot fathom,

But yet. They are real in everyday

Here’s the bottom line.

What’s in your mind can become so sublime only if you believe it.

Then you can go achieve it, there is darkness in this ideal, yet there is also light. Everything anyone ever existed has achieve through pure belief , because their mind allowed them to create this idea.

The mind can make us feel so alive

Isn’t that Devine?

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