The crossroad,

Two paths

One is a dark road, the outcome appears uncertain, and scary, relentless howls and screams come from this hallowed hallway of dark dreams

The other seems bright, almost too bright, an uncomfortable and cold light blinds my eyes as I stare down the the path outside.

Which could I decide?

The darkness calls, if feels so eerie, yet so comfortable,

But the light is new, it beckons me, even though it’s something I’ve never seen before.

Where should I stand? I can’t stay here. I have to move forward

Where to? Dark? Or light?

This decision leaves me in a constant feeling of freight,

What is the best decision?

Is the light right for me? Is the dark he beat place to see?

What should I do as I’m trapped in this decision at this crossroad of life?

Why is this fork in the road so hard to choose?

The darkness feels so good, yet so not I,

And the light feels too bright, but so fulfilling. Why is this decision so exhausting

Whatever my next move, I’ll change forever,

And my world will be a new

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