My time (light)

The exhilaration of seeing those you’ve crossed paths with realizing their dreams 

To see the speaking of things into existence become a visual for your eyes to be satisfied

The brilliance of their dedication delivers you a  powerful sensation that evolves into inspiration

It makes you work harder

It brings you back into the lab,

It brings you back to those dark nights busting your ass to achieve the goals you set out for yourself

Seeing others smile in joy when they reach their goals makes you whisper into your own ears 

It’s time to get back into my bag

Because one day you will to blast into the heavens and become a supernova that births the new universe of your success

One day those long nights of stress and feeling depressed will become days of joy and

those tears of joy you will drop will come from those moments of exhaustion and

watching those around you achieve

Watching your contemporaries grow should always make you believe

In yourself

In them

In your journey

In the long-fought battles that made them and allowed them to become that being that

stands in from of you illuminating the world because they’ve leveled up to a point where

who they once were is only a memory in the depths of your psyche

And one day, you will too

Your time is coming,

Long nights sitting here trying to find some inspiration, the laziness creeps in as I crave some unhealthy snack before I rest my eyes to another day of depressing sorrow because I haven’t made it.

Meanwhile, I see another one of my peers reach a new mountain top.

And I sit here in agony asking why can’t that be me. 

All the long nights, sitting here with the tears in my eyes stuck behind some imaginary

wall that won’t let the waterworks flood

Like a damn stopping the flow of rushing water, I can’t seem to let the pain out and it

hurts like broken bones that won’t heal


All this dedication,

All this exasperation and wondering when the day comes that I’ll achieve greatness

All this patience is waning

I’m past waiting yet every day I get up and do what’s necessary to make it

Working hard fighting off people’s input and depression can take a toll on a one’s psyche 

But I can’t allow my hard work to go to waste just because of everybody including my

self has to say something

So I stay ten toes to the ground and lookup 

Saying one day I’ll move up and reach that mountain top I’ve been trying to climb

One day I’ll be flying too,

Just keep trying and one day I’ll become king if the lions too,

My peer’s success is not a measuring stick for where I need to be

No, it is a reminder of the greatness I’ve surrounded myself with and the amazing person inside of me

For if I didn’t have people in my life that inspired me, whether they are just images on a

screen or those that speak to me daily

I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep up with my patience and be everything I’m trying to be



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